Bob's Adventure Bio

Photography has always been in one way or another an adventure for Bob. Just like when he found his father's old Kodak Pony camera along with his slides from the Korean War. Or when he was exploring the junk in his grandmother's basement and found an old box of National Geographic magazines. He remembers discovering in back of the magazines the short articles about the photographers who shot the pictures. So, just like his dad and these National Geographic photographers, he too wanted to travel to far away places and shoot some pictures. He wanted to have to have his own adventure.

He began working for Iowa newspapers after college. He has won many awards for his journalism work while with the Spencer Daily Reporter and Waterloo Courier. He then traveled to Los Angeles and studied commercial studio photography. Currently, his photography adventure has taken him to Bangkok, Thailand where he is freelancing and working on his first photography book.



Robert Lorimor, photo by Randy Tate