Lead image for Carlson's Dodgers Magazine

Carlson's Dodgers - 2021
The Magical Season 

If you are a fan of baseball, this baseball photo 'zine is a gem. In this 48-page photography magazine, photographer Bob Lorimor documents a little-league baseball team, the 2021 12U Carlson's Dodgers, beginning with spring training and ending with their final game for the Championship. These photographs capture their joy, falls, and triumphs. One of their games was deemed magical in anyone's scorebook.

This photo 'zine is available for purchase from Blurb Books.

Lead photo for Bob Lorimor's magazine, Carlson's Dodgers.

Own Your Own Copy of the Carlson's Dodgers 'zine

Photographed and written by Bob Lorimor. 
Available from Blurb Books as a photography magazine.
$19.99 + shipping 

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