Thai children evedrop on a Baptist sunday church service near Doi Saket, Thailand.

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Lynn Radeka -- Photographer of the American West
Bob, there is an unusual honesty to these images. They seem to help the observer look deeper - beyond the obvious subject. I'd be very interested in seeing more images and more locations!

Joan -- Photography Lover    Jun-11, 1999
Very impressive. You just are amazing and a great photographer. Loved it!

Lincoln -- Thumbnails Forever    May-01, 1999
Bob, your talent is unmeasured!!! Keep your dreams alive.

Ruth -- Photography Lover    Jun-11, 1999
I am duly impressed, Bob. Great work!

Jack and Khamnung Chamberlin -- Fellow Traveler    May-18, 1999
Bob, You have found a wonderful path on which to grow; so far, fantastic.

Ralph and Vivian -- Photography Lover    Jul-21, 1999
Very Interesting

Cato Larsen -- Soon in Thailand    Jun-01, 2000
I am really looking forward to go there now, thanx Bob.

Sarah K.-- Photography Lover    Aug-07, 2000
It is funny to see my Thailand through your lense. Thank you


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