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Why must I travel to Asia? It's because I never know what I might see along the way.

At least that's why I travel. I am always looking around the next corner to see what is there. Sometimes I am totally surprised by what I find.

I have created these pages so that you too can be surprised by what you might find along the way. Each time you come back, you will see 10 random pictures that I have shot over the years from my travels. I am inviting you travel with me... or as this site's name implies -- "Travels with Bob."

Come along as we roll along on the railroads in Thailand... or as we explore the market bazaars in the Philippines... or as we drive the dusty country roads in Iowa...

I don't visit points on a map. I get out and meet the people. Most are wearing big smiles, and some of these smiles will become friends for life.

Come along and see what you are missing...

Robert Lorimor

Bangkok, Thailand --1998



Thailand Country School near Nakon Sawan, Thailand Robert Lorimor Photography - currently in Thailand, Asia and shooting some wonderful stock photo images of the Thailand way of life



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